Ford Ranger T6.2 (2022-Current)/Volkswagen Amarok (2023-Current) Double Cab Slimsport Rack Wind Fairing

Front Runner


Improve airflow and fuel consumption of your Ford Ranger T6.2 or Volkswagen Amarok when you fit this Slimsport Rack Wind Fairing. It will push the air up and over your rack and roof cargo, reducing wind noise. There is a durable rubber blade on the bottom edge of the fairing, which seals and protects the roof when going over rough terrain.

nA wind fairing for the KSFR009T. nAir flows easily over the rack and accessories, reducing drag and wind noise. nHelps fuel consumption while carrying bulky loads. nA durable rubber blade is fitted to the bottom edge of the Wind Fairing to help seal any gaps and act as a roof guard when traveling over rough terrain. nBrackets and installation hardware included.

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