RSI Canopy Full Size Pickup Load Bar Kit / 1345mm (W)

Front Runner


Massively increase the cargo-carrying capacity of your RSI Canopy by installing this durable Load Bar Kit on top of it. Load bars attach to the canopy using the supplied feet and they have the same T-slots as slats as a Front Runner roof rack, so you can fit rack accessories to it.  

nIncludes all hardware and components needed to fit load bars on your Full Pickup when fitted with a RSI Canopy, including four (4) mounting feet, two (2) 1345mm load bars, an installation kit and fitting instructions. nThese load bars are mounted to your RSI Canopy via a set of supplied mounted feet. nUses the same strong, corrosion-free aluminum slats found in Front Runner Slimline II Racks. nThe sliding nut t-slots allow for quick fitting and removal of accessories and equipment on both the top and bottom of the slats. nThe load bars and mounting system can be used in the future as components to build a complete Front Runner roof rack. nMade from steel and durable, weather-resistant black powder-coated aluminum.

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